Cover: painting of Paulien Lethen

Cover beeld boek 'Een vreemde thuis, thuis in den vreemde', untitled, Paulien Lethen

Coverbeeld boek ‘Een vreemde thuis, thuis in den vreemde’, untitled, Paulien Lethen

The coverimage is a painting made by Paulien Lethen.

Paulien Lethen is a US resident but kept her Dutch nationality. Her paintings reflect influences of the different worlds she lives and has lived in: Greece, New York, Japan and The Netherlands. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands (Monumental Art). Has exhibited her artwork internationally in The Netherlands, Greece, Japan and the USA.

Pailien_Lethen_1Dutch-born artist Paulien Lethen-Schuttevaêr (Utrecht, 1942) graduated from the Academy of Arts (Monumental Art), Arnhem, The Netherlands. She lived on  the Greek island of Paros from the late 60’s till 1982, and also lived for a year and several other longer periods in Kyoto, Japan. In 1982, Lethen moved to New York.  In 1987 she settled in Williamsburg, an artists’ neighborhood in Brooklyn, also known as “the new SoHo.” In 1997 she founded Holland Tunnel Art Projects – now the Holland Tunnel Gallery – where she organized monthly exhibitions for 10 years.

Acht recente werken van Paulien Lethen

Acht recente werken van Paulien Lethen

The gallery has gained recognition as a microcosm of local and international talent. Holland Tunnel Gallery / New York now presents long term group shows, currently Delft Blues. Since 2000 Holland Tunnel has an extension in Paros, Greece, featuring every summer international art, jazz and poetry. Paulien Lethen and her son Roy also run a successful B&B in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, The Gallery Guesthouse.

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